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Water is an elixir of life, facing increasing pressure globally. Hospitals like CK Birla, with their consistent need for sanitation, hygiene, and more, are significant water consumers. But what if a hospital not only meets its water needs but also becomes water-positive?

That’s where hospitals like CK Birla Hospital are setting revolutionary examples in the healthcare industry. 

Read on to understand how Kritsnam’s Dhaara helped CK Birla in water conservation.

kritsnam x rukmani birla hospital

About CK Birla Hospital

Rukmani Birla Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in Jaipur with a world-class infrastructure that offers personalized care and comprehensive in-patient and out-patient services. 

Known for its trusted experience and personalized care, Rukmani Birla Hospital has other branches in Gurugram, Punjabi Bagh, and two hospitals in Kolkata (CMRI and BM Birla)  with more branches opening up soon in other cities. 

With 50+ years of clinical experience, 18 Lac+ patients treated, 8.5 Lac+ successful surgeries, a 95% patient satisfaction score, and a 200+ team of doctors, CK Birla continues to make a mark with integrity in the healthcare industry. 

CK Birla Hospitals not only provides comprehensive medical care but has also emerged as a trailblazer in water conservation efforts

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Water Conservation in CK Birla Hospital 

According to Om Gunjan Prakash (Deputy Manager, Engineering Department) at R.K. Birla Hospital, ‘’The quality of water depends on the occupancy of the patient i.e. how many patients are admitted in the hospital.’’ 

water conservation at ck birla hospital

He specifies his role in conserving water at CK Birla Hospital as follows: 

  • To tackle the technical areas of the hospital like electricity, energy, solar, HVAC system, and internal HVAC system to maintain the temperature, humidity, and pressure of the operation theater.
  • To maintain the water positivity at the hospital by keeping a check on water resources, and plumbing, keeping the areas infection-free to avoid contamination. 
  • To maintain the fire fighting system. 
  • To track uninterrupted power supply in the ICUs for the patients who are on a ventilator or support system, so that they don’t get affected due to the interruptions in electricity. 

His role is to make sure that the patient does not receive a threat due to a lack of maintenance in water, electricity, power supply, solar, and other areas. 

What is CK Birla Doing To Become Water-Positive?

Om states that in Rajasthan, Jaipur is an over-exploited zone. In the last few years, with rapid industrial development, there have been growing water requirements.

Due to this, recycling through rainwater harvesting came to an end. With extensive water extraction, water is not recycled properly leading to water scarcity in different industries like agriculture, healthcare, industrial operations, and more. 

To avoid water scarcity, here’s how CK Birla adapts to water positivity:

how ck birla is becoming water positive

Maintaining Hygiene, Cleanliness & Infection-Free Areas

Om states that patient safety starts in an infection-free area which is possible only through cleanliness and maintaining hygiene.

Our growth stops when we fail to provide our patients with an environment where they are unable to grow, heal, and cure.

To create infection-free areas in CK Birla, we need to take care of air contamination and water contamination. If both areas are taken care of, the patient will not be affected and his recovery will be faster. 

Incorporating Innovative Technology in Hospital

The aim is to provide our team with the right resources in the right situation at the right time while teaching them how to use the latest equipment for water conservation. 

For example: 

  • In the hospital gardens, they use the latest technology like sprinklers for better irrigation and less water wastage.
  • For flower beds, they use drip irrigation systems so that the roots of the flowers get water in optimum quantity and their growth is flourishing. 
  • They use innovative technology to clean their solar plates with less water and electricity consumption so that our environmental resources are safe and they get electricity at a minimal cost. 

Educate and Train Staff on Water Conservation

CK Birla team educates the team on the role of water in hospitals, why it is important, and how to follow water conservation.

How patient care, sanitation, and treatment services can be affected if there’s no water.

For example, CK Birla teaches their staff to throttle the top knob so that a large quantity of water does not come out of it. 

How is Kritsnam Helping CK Birla?

As Om said, ‘There are a lot of companies and startups that come up with everyday new technologies to save water in the practice of water saving, but we choose Dhaara from Kritsnam.’’

Here’s how Kritsnam empowers CK Birla in water conservation:

how kritsnam is helping ck birla conserve water

Different Parameters For Measuring Water Consumption

Every month they make sure to check how much water is consumed. And, their water consumption has decreased as compared to last month.

CK Birla measures the consumption of water using an ultrasonic flow meter which gives daily updates and monthly data.

Accordingly, they analyze their water-saving capacity by comparing how much water consumption took place in the last month as compared to this one. Yearly audits take place to find out how much water is saved. 

For instance, last year they conducted an audit with CII to find out the areas where water can be saved in better ways.

It meets all the CGWA parameters and complies with all the water requirements. The best part is that it does not require additional electricity or a UPS supply.

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Timely and Regular Updates on Dashboard

It provides you with updated data timely on water consumption to help you conserve water most effectively.

The dashboard is regularly updated with monthly data on water usage and wastage. There’s no manpower required to operate Dhaara smart meters

Prompt Customer Support Services

As Om mentions, ‘’If there’s any issue after the sale or services, the response of the team is very good. You can call them and they immediately send their expert professionals to identify and resolve the issue. Even after the issues are resolved, they submit the report on why the issue arose and what exactly they did to rectify it.’’

Water Conservation in Hospitals With Dhaara

Water scarcity is a growing global threat to address as early as possible. However, with Dhaara, an innovative technology, you can control water usage and wastage.

Dhaara empowers you with real-time water usage monitoring, leak detection, and data-driven decision-making with its features like advanced sensors and IoT connectivity. 

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Ready to follow a proactive approach to water conservation? 

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