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‘’Data is more powerful than a gun or an atom bomb’’, says Filtrex’s Plant Head, Manikant Jha (Dehradun).

He believes that without data, it’s impossible to measure and control water wastage. Committed to providing top-quality innovative solutions for clean and csafe drinking water, Filtrex is a trusted choice among households nationwide. 

Inger Andersen, UNEP Executive Director, also said, ‘’Collecting regular, comprehensive and up-to-date data is vital to managing our water resources more sustainably and ensuring access to safe water for all.’’

Around 3 billion people are at risk of disease due to the lack of data determining the water quality of their rivers, lakes, and groundwater. 

However, with data at your fingertips, you can measure and control water usage, ultimately leading to conserving water.

Read on to understand how Kritsnam’s Dhaara helped Filtrex Technologies Filtrex Technologies identify 30% water-saving potential.

About Filtrex

Established in 2010, Aquamatic H20 Solutions Private Ltd. (AHSPL) is a premier manufacturer of inline cartridges for domestic water purifiers. It was then acquired by Filtrex Technologies Group based in Bangalore, Karnataka. 

Now, it is Filtrex. To meet the growing demands of clean and safe drinking water, Filtrex dedicates itself to customer satisfaction and excellence, making it a top player in the industry. 

Why Filtrex is Conserving Water?

Manikant says, ‘Our main motive is water purification, and water conservation is always a part of it. Though we are in business, conserving water is a philanthropic act. That’s how we can give back to society, our people, our environment, and ourselves.’  

Being aware of the global water scarcity crisis, Filtrex is committed to water conservation

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quote by filtrex's manikant on water conservation

Here’s why Filtrex is prioritizing conserving water:

  • Water is the animating force for all the species on Earth. Our life depends on water. With water scarcity, our daily lives will be destroyed, with no more water for agriculture, drinking, sanitation, etc.
  • Escalating global water scarcity makes water conservation a priority for everyone around the world. Over 2 billion people are suffering from high water stress, and by 2025, the world’s population is set to face water shortages.
  • Half of the world’s drinking water comes from groundwater, which is depleting faster than it can be replenished. The water level is going down at an alarming rate due to over-extraction and reduced natural recharge.  
  • In early times, groundwater used to recharge itself by default, but today that’s not the case. There’s a lot of hard work in fetching groundwater, which no longer exists. Again, the most important reasons why Filtrex is contributing towards water conservation. Saving water is a priority now.
  • With water scarcity on the rise, it’s high time to realize that water is not free. It comes with a price that’s bound to rise with water becoming scarce, ultimately affecting households and industries like agriculture, mechanical, construction, textiles, and others.
  • Experts warn that water scarcity will lead to water wars. Disputes like The Indus Waters Treaty between India and Pakistan and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project between Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia are a few examples. There are conflicts between Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon over the Jordan River. In short, The Pacific Institute has noted 700+ conflicts for water resources worldwide since the late 20th century.

Filtrex aims to reduce water wastage by ensuring clean, safe, and drinking water for future generations by implementing sustainable practices for water purification.

That’s how Filtrex aligns with the mission to provide top-notch quality solutions for clean water while preserving the environment.

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What is Filtrex Doing To Conserve Water?

As Manikant rightly said, ‘If we don’t measure it, it is bound to be wasted.’ For Filtrex, water conservation is the goal. Check how they’re conserving water:

Smart Water Flow Meters

With the initial problem of not being able to measure data on how much water is being consumed, it was difficult for Filtrex to conserve it. Due to this, they decided to install a Kritsnam Dhaara smart water meter that provides real-time, authentic, and 100% accurate data on water usage to measure and monitor the wastage areas effectively. 

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Data-Driven Insights

For Filtrex, decision-making is based on data. If the data isn’t accurate, you end up making a bad decision. The smart flow meter generated detailed and accurate reports on water consumption. This data helped them identify the potential threat areas where water consumption can be reduced.

Real-Time Monitoring Platform Along With Alerts and Notifications

Constant monitoring of water usage helps detect the wastage areas where strict actions can be taken to eliminate the possibility of wastage. In Filtrex’s case, excessive consumption was detected in areas with the help of accurate data from the flow meter. 

In these simple steps, Filtrex is conserving water with data-driven insights from smart flow meters and contributing to preserving the environment.

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How is Kritsnam Helping Filtrex? 

The first thing was to use water efficiently. Just consuming it wasn’t helping, so Filtrex came up with the option of monitoring water usage, but the question was HOW? 

As Manikant explains, there were many options to choose from mechanical water meters, but they wanted something that had 100% data accuracy and authenticity. They were looking for a new-age meter that provides authentic data to help them measure and control unnecessary water usage. 

Here’s how Kritsnam helped Filtrex:

how kritsnam helped filtrex

Myths Busted

Without accurate data, Filtrex just knew the thumb rule that they had 20-25 people, and the water consumption was 500 liters daily. After installing the Dhaara smart water flow meter, they found that their consumption plus wastage was double, or even triple. Soon, they realized it was an assumption. Water measurement with accurate data measurement busted many myths for them.

Notification Alerts

While Filtrex assumed that their water consumption was 500 liters/day, the first day of the notification alert from Dhaara surprised them. They received the message showcasing 918 liters of water consumption in a day. The next day, the reading showed 1500 liters/day. 

That’s when Filtrex started observing the water wastage places that went unnoticed by them. After being notified, they informed team members and created a priority list with an awareness program for water conservation. Manikant termed the notification alerts and messages as ‘Motivational Alerts’ as they pushed them towards water conservation in an effective manner. 

Effective Monitoring

Filtrex believes that water conservation won’t be possible if you don’t start monitoring water consumption. With apt monitoring, data insights, notification alerts, and accurate data, water management becomes a cakewalk. As Manikant mentions, ‘’Once you start monitoring, you will know how to save.’’

100% Data Accuracy

To them, data issues were critical. The actual amount of water flow, water segment, etc was never known to them. All they knew was the capacity of water to be extracted from the ground. Data accuracy from the flow meter impressed Filtrex. Daily and hourly data updates made water analysis and monitoring easy.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Filtrex relies on data for decision-making. The more accurate the data, the better your decision. The team took strict actions to eliminate those wastage areas. They began by setting targets on water consumption, which was only possible because of the flow meter. With Dhaara by their side, they saved 30% of the water. 

Data is empowering because it measures, controls, and analyzes wastage in specific areas. The harsh reality of groundwater depletion, cracked earth, dry riverbeds, urban water crisis, etc pushed Filtrex towards water conservation.

Want to know more about Dhaara?

Dhaara Smart
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Dhaara Digital
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Dhaara Digital has been purpose-built to address the requirements of customers seeking metering solutions falling under the exemption category of CGWA (Central Ground Water Authority) compliance and other applications where telemetry is not required.
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Conserving Water With Innovative Technologies Like Dhaara

Technology provides immense support in water conservation, and innovations like Dhaara from Kritsnam prove that. Precise monitoring and management of water usage with real-time data insights and analytics is possible with innovations in technology. 

Tech X Water Conservation

Smart meters help identify wastage patterns, identify leaks, and track consumption patterns, allowing households and industries to make informed decisions. Technological advancements like integrated advanced sensors and IoT connectivity in new-age water meters foster a proactive approach to water conservation. 

Sustainable water usage within the growing global water scarcity crisis is now possible with technological innovations like Dhaara.

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