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Geofast, a pioneer in providing best-in-class Logistics Support and a leading Manufacturer in India believes that water conservation is no longer a suggestion but a necessity.

Surprisingly, more than 330 million people are affected by water shortages in cities like Chennai and Bengaluru experiencing severe water crises. 

The agriculture sector which accounts for around 80% of the country’s water usage is facing major challenges, impacting food security due to reduced crop yields. 

Water-intensive industries like manufacturing & food industries need help maintaining production levels affecting employment and growth.

And here's what Geofast is contributing to conserve water. Read along!

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About Geofast

Geofast is built for three major operations: Water Plant, Juice Plant, and Pooja Agarbatti.

They started with 8 acres of land and two sheds in 2006 - one for mosquito repellent coils and the other for agarbatti.

In 2015, Geofast progressed to business expansion in the same premises i.e. a factory in Choutuppal Yadadri Mandal. 2023 marks their association with TATA. 

For the last 7 years, they have grown in P2P operations with their expanded units in Cuttack, Odisha, and Patna. Currently, they’re manufacturing foods like Bingo for ITC Patna, Ashirwad Atta for Cuttack, and TATA copper water and juice in Odisha. 


Geofast’s Water-Conscious Activities

Water scarcity impacts the environment on a global level leading to global warming, depletion of natural resources, groundwater depletion, and more.

As Geofast states, ‘Water misuse is nothing but the waste of resources and energy required to be converted into drinkable water.’ 

Water scarcity and exploitation greatly impact the environment and all the major water-drawn industries like manufacturing, food, beverages, agriculture, and others.

Today, for Geofast every drop counts, and thus they built up a system by taking the following precautionary measures: 

how geofast is automating it's water management process

Water Audits

To monitor water usage, they conduct water audits and fix all the leaks while monitoring water wastage. That’s how they’re able to set trends by identifying when the water levels are high or low. 

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Saving Water

Geofast conserves water by regularly identifying and repairing leaks. It also promotes water recycling to further reduce waste. Together, these methods significantly enhance water efficiency.

Smart Water Flow Meters

After facing water wastage challenges, they believe there is a need to keep track of water usage, wastage, and consumption for better monitoring and evaluation. That’s how they came across a smart water meter by Kritsnam that got them better results. 

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Data-Driven Insights

Geofast bases its decision-making on data. Their team believes that if data is inaccurate, you will end up making a bad decision. No wonder why monitoring and evaluating data is crucial. 

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Planning Ahead

Once they have all the information from the water audits and data, they strategically plan for the production and at the same time understand the trends to plan the contingencies. The data measurement obtained from the smart meter is thus helpful for Geofast.

With these water-conscious activities, Geofast puts its best foot forward toward water conservation.

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How is Kritsnam Helping Geofast?

The whole world speaks volumes about water scarcity and the future water requirements rising day by day.

Since Geofast entered into the water business, water scarcity has been a hot topic that everyone around talks about. 

how kritsnam is helping geofast

Before starting the water plant, they thought it was easy to draw the water, convert it, treat it, and do the packaging. Later, the team realized fetching water was a herculean task.

That’s how Dhaara, a smart meter from Kritsnam entered the picture. Here’s how Kritsnam is helping Geofast to contribute towards water conservation:

Leak Detection and Prevention

With real-time data from a smart meter, Geofast identified leaks promptly, ultimately minimizing water wastage by saving costs associated with delayed repairs. 

Data-Driven Decision Making

Kritsnam’s data-driven insights empowered Geofast to optimize its water usage patterns to ensure effective water allocation across all industrial units.

Reduced Water Consumption

Geofast witnessed a significant reduction in overall water consumption after implementing Dhaara smart meters by Kritsnam, leading to substantial cost savings while minimizing the environmental footprint. 

Instant Notification Alerts

All the notifications reach the authorities while they sit in one place and monitor everything. From water consumption to water wastage, everything is notified to them. With better monitoring and control, calculating the yield became a cakewalk. 

Accurate Data Collection

Geofast never knew the amount of water flow, water segment, water extraction from the ground, etc. With the hourly and routine data updates by Dhaara, water analysis, and monitoring became quick and easy for them.

Better Monitoring and Analysis

Without effective monitoring, water conservation is impossible. Data insights, notification alerts, and accurate data gathering by the smart meter led to a smooth water management system contributing to water conservation.

Automating Water Management With Kritsnam

If you are in an industry or sector that is water-intensive, you’ll want to make your company water-secure. That’s possible with effective monitoring, reliable data collection, automatic meter readings, and instant notification alerts on water wastage and usage.

To help you tap into the company’s water management system, the Dhaara smart meter from Kritsnam comes to your aid. These smart meters prove that conserving water with innovative technology is possible. 

Dhaara Smart
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Dhaara Smart
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The Dhaara is a new-age water meter that combines the power of IoT with the latest sensor technologies. The integrated telemetry and battery-powered capabilities make it easy to manage your water consumption from anywhere and anytime (even when the power is down).
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Product Image
Dhaara Digital
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Dhaara Digital has been purpose-built to address the requirements of customers seeking metering solutions falling under the exemption category of CGWA (Central Ground Water Authority) compliance and other applications where telemetry is not required.
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Ready to follow a proactive approach to water conservation

Don’t miss the chance to learn more about Dhaara - an innovative technology built to help you with sustainable water usage.

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